Super Soul-Charged Space Clearing- House Whispering to Harmonise Heart and Home

Kevin Parker is Professional House Whispering Consultant trained by the UK -based House Whispering Academy. He is available for face-to-face visits throughout the Southern highlands, Illawarra, ACT, Shoalhaven and Sydney Regions. Remote Consultation Service Available by Video Link-up World Wide. Contact Kevin to discuss your needs.

House Whispering is about guiding people in discovering their relationship with the...

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What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing is a spiritual and medical practice based upon the belief that all healing includes a spiritual dimension. 'Shamanic Practitioners enter altered states of consciousness to communicate with other realms of reality. The 'Shamans' journey is to help the client to rediscover their connection to nature and spirit.

Shamanic Practitioners work with the spirit or the soul. They heal illness at the soul level. ... The shift of consciousness that the shaman makes, which allows the...

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